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  • I learned so much this weekend it is unreal! Business has always been like a hobby but now with the knowledge you are passing along, my dad and I are going to be able to bless our family EXTRA!
    Cathy G.
  • I just wanted to say you're probably one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I highly respect and admire you for the entreprenuer, human being, and family man you came across to be this weekend and I thank you for all that you do by giving back and just wanted to tell you again. It was my pleasure being taught by you this weekend my life is forever changed.
    Jesse K.
  • Currently attending the Kansas City seminar and I am finding Cole to be the most motivating speaker I have heard in quite a while. I am touched by his kindness for our fellow human beings. Thank you Cole for inspiring me to find my "Why."
    Patricia A.
  • The last few days with Cole has been absolutely life changing. I manage marketing for one of the largest banks in America and I learned more relevant strategies from Cole on the subject than I did getting my entire MBA.
    Brent P.
  • I have always wanted to start a business, but never had the courage or the systems to make it happen. I'm happy to report that since attending your workshop I have my first deal under contract and have raised over $300,000 in private money. You changed my life forever.
    Tami R
  • Cole is the most incredible person I have ever met. His story rocked me, I no longer have an excuse to not make my dreams reality. This is going to be the biggest year of my life, thank you Cole for that.
    Donna B.
  • Cole, I learned more from you than I ever could have imagined, I will definitely put it to good use. They could not have asked for a more energetic speaker. I also love how you go out of your way to give so much back. Thanks
    Vicente D.

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Entrepreneur, speaker, author, water sport enthusiast, sushi connoisseur, and traveling fanatic

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Cole is an author, investor, award winning speaker and entrepreneur. He is passionate about truly living life, creating massive financial success for himself and others, and most importantly, giving back. Cole has taught tens of thousands of people to be more than just alive, but to become the best versions of themselves, create massive profits, and then impact others by living a life of significance. Having barely escaped death 2 times in 2 separate accidents, Cole has a true appreciation for life and lives it to the fullest. He loves boating, is a water sport enthusiast, adrenaline junkie, drives fast cars, is a husband, father, and philanthropist. Cole’s story of losing everything, even temporarily his ability to walk, to now having monumental success is truly inspirational.

Cole currently resides in Orange County, CA with his wife and their daughter.

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