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Hi, I'm Cole Hatter...
In a nutshell, I’m an author, award winning speaker, and entrepreneur. I’m passionate about truly living life, creating massive financial success for myself and others, and most importantly, giving back. 

Everything I do in life and business is guided by my core values: Family, Faith, Business, and Impact. Everything from going on adventures with my wife, changing poopy diapers, spending Sundays with family and friends, to closing big deals and traveling to Guatemala to build schools, I’m able to live my dream life. 

It isn’t just about the money and success, but it’s how you make that money and success matter. Without my family, I wouldn’t be the man I am. Without faith I wouldn’t be standing here today. Without my businesses, I wouldn’t get to enjoy life’s amazing experiences. And, without impact, my life wouldn’t matter.

Over the years, I’ve taught tens of thousands of people to be more than just alive, but to become the best versions of themselves, create massive profits, and then impact others by living a life of significance. 

Having barely escaped death 2 times in 2 separate accidents, I have a true appreciation for life and am committed to living it to the fullest. After losing everything, even the temporary ability to walk, I’ve been able to see monumental success in my life.

I'm here to share that with you -- and ultimately help you make your life matter. Click here to get access to my Make Money Matter Business Blueprint Video Series Now
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