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Welcome to the Fearless Minds Podcast, a top-ranking business podcast in iTunes.

Each episode, I will take you inside the minds of people who are fearlessly succeeding. I will highlight the life of today’s top achievers and follow their journey on how they got to where they are today.

About The Fearless Minds Podcast

Welcome! I am stoked that you are here. I am passionate about truly living life, creating massive financial success for myself and others, and most importantly giving back.

Over the past decade I have taught tens of thousands of people to be more than just alive; to become the best version of themselves, create substantial profits, and then impact others by living a life of significance.

Fearless Minds is my newest venture to show people how to be wealthy both financially and with the stuff that really counts. The show is designed to highlight the life and journey of people who are absolutely crushing it because they didn’t let fear stop them.

I will take you inside the minds of people who are fearlessly succeeding. I will highlight the life of today’s top achievers and follow their journey on how they got to where they are today. We are going to examine the places where they faced fear and decided to push on anyway. It is my quest to bring you story after story of fearless achievers so we can see what overcoming fear to make our dreams happen looks like.

My goal is to inspire you to begin living your life powerfully. My hope is to motivate and empower you to find your passion in life, reach a higher level of success in business to create more profits, and then live a life of purpose by giving back.

Get ready to become a massive achiever.

Show Notes, Links, and Resources for All Episodes

Below are all the shows, listed from newest to oldest!

Episode 34: Elmo Lovano – Professional Rock Star to Tech Startup Entrepreneur

Episode 33: Melissa Costello – Eating Right, Addiction, and Habits

Episode 32: Noah Kagan – List Building, 7 Figure Online Businesses, and How To Get Started

Episode 31: Big Daws TV – Making Viral Videos, Monetizing YouTube, and Impacting Lives

Episode 30: Kate Erickson – Happy Employee to THRILLED 7 Figure Business Owner in 18 Months

Episode 29: Pamela Slim – Making it Big In Today’s Economy and Building a Body of Work That Will Last

Episode 28: Tony Horton – P90X and Building His $500,000,000 Empire

Episode 27: JJ Virgin – A Path to Creating Massive Success and Steps to Get Your Dream Body

Episode 26: Re Perez – Find Your Brand, Start a Business, and Be Unique in a Competitive World

Episode 25: Andy Drish – How to Build a Business Around Long Term Residual Income In 6 Months

Episode 24: Nisha Moodley – Leaving Comfort and Pursuing Purpose, Giving Back, and Mindset

Episode 23: Cole Hatter – How to Evaluate Opportunities to Make the Right Decisions Quickly

Episode 22: Wes Chapman – Turning Life’s Hardest Experiences Into Profits and Purpose While Changing the World

Episode 21: Corbett Barr – Creating Online Passive Income and How to Build a Huge List of Raving Fans

Episode 20: Nick Unsworth – How to Live Your Life on Fire, Facebook Strategies and Giving Back

Episode 19: Dr. Portia Jackson – Rocket Scientist, Miss Chicago, and Entrepreneur

Episode 18: Dan Miller – Start Living Your Dream and Purpose in 48 Days

Episode 17: Sandy Donovan – Gain Power and Influence in Life With These Power Communication Techniques

Episode 16: Cole Hatter – How to Find the Motivation to do or Accomplish Anything

Episode 15: Geordie Wardman – How to Design Your Dream Life First, Then Build a Business Around It

Episode 14: Jonny Andrews – Have a Book or Product? Need an Audience? Learn How to Get One

Episode 13: Chris Stemp & Jon Rojas – Staying True to Your Core and Loving What You Do

Episode 12: John Lee Dumas – How He Created a 7 Figure Business in Just Over a Year

Episode 11: Brittney Castro – Financial Literacy, Strategies to Make and Save More Money

Episode 10: Stephen Warley – How to Become Unstuckable and Live Your Dream to Hit Your True Potential

Episode 9: Aaron McCargo Jr – How he Won a Reality Show, Got His Own TV Show, and Gets Paid to do What He Loves

Episode 8: Arel Moodie – Getting People to Like You and How Likability Opens Doors

Episode 7: Brian Dickinson – A Journey to the Top of Mt. Everest and How We Each Have Mountains to Climb

Episode 6: Legacy Perez – From on the Streets to on Stages With Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani, and Rihanna

Episode 5: Scott Britton – Creating an Edge Over Your Competition Even if They Have the Advantage

Episode 4: Navid Moazzez – Law Student to Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Episode 3: Matt Theriault – Making 7 Figures, Losing 7 Figures, and Making 7 Figures Again

Episode 2: Tony Litster – Inside The Fearless Mind of Tony Litster, My Life and Business Coach

Episode 1: Cole Hatter – Introducing Cole Hatter and the Fearless Minds Podcast